Meetings and Conferences

Since 1963 regular meetings on living and fossil Ostracoda are successfully organised for specialists to emphasis the international dialog and to stimulate exchange of research ideas. Personal communication and multinational cooperations helped to bridging the gap between biologists and geologists. Over time a strong and respected network of ostracod workers established from all nations and through all geological epochs.

The main conference is the International Symposium on Ostracoda (ISO) that is now held every four years. In the past years about 150 members of the International Research Group on Ostracoda use to attend this meeting. Scientific contributions are published as peer-reviewed research articles in special issues of international journals.

-> The next symposium will be the 19th ISO in Lyon, France, July 18th-22nd 2022 (postponed from the original date 2021 because of the pandemic).

Likewise, the European Ostracodologists' Meeting (EOM) is also hosted every four years, alternated to the ISO meetings. The EOM is organised by European hosts and attract overseas colleagues as well.

-> The next meeting will be 10th EOM in 2024 in Italy (postponed from the original date 2023 because of the pandemic).

Several regional meetings are organised in different language areas to strengthen the national network of ostracodologists and to encourage young researchers to enter the fascinating world of Ostracoda.

COME Canadian Ostracodologists' Meeting/ Reunion Canadienne des Ostracodologistes
MOI Italian speaking Ostracodologists' Meeting / Meeting degli ostracodologisti italiani
IGOM International German Ostracodologists' Meeting / Deutschsprachiges Ostrakodologen Treffen
AOM Asian Ostracod Meeting 
TMS Group Subdivision within The Micropalaeontological Society, London, UK
ROB Brazilian Ostracodologists' Meeting / Reunião de Ostracodologistas do Brasil
ROLF French speaking Ostracodologists' Meeting / Réunion des Ostracodologistes de Langue Française

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