CYPRIS - Newsletter for ostracodologists

CYPRIS - International Ostracoda Newsletter (update September 2023)

Cypris was the first genus name to be proposed for an ostracod by O. F. Müller in 1776. Species of Cypris live in fresh waters.

Cypris is also the name of the International Ostracoda Newsletter founded in 1983 by the International Research Group on Ostracoda. Through a system of national correspondents, news and information are collected from ostracod researchers around the world for annual publication in this newsletter.

CYPRIS is listed with an International Standard Serial Number (ISSN (printed): 0886-3806 (online): 2195-030X) and archived electronically.

CYPRIS had a famous predecessor, THE OSTRACODOLOGIST. This first newsletter, edited in 1963 by Ephraim Gerry, continuously informed ostracod workers until it was replaced by CYPRIS. All volumes of THE OSTRACODOLOGIST and Cypris can now be electronically accessed through the TMS website.

Additionally, these files will be made available through the World Ostracoda Database within Links will follow soon.

This service is brought to you by a collaboration of Elly Brouwers, Renate Matzke-Karasz, Simone Nunes Brandao and Chloe Jones (TMS webmaster).





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