Meeting degli Ostracodologisti Italiani

Italian speaking Ostracodologists' Meeting

The first idea of a meeting of the Italian Ostracodologists (MOI) was born among Italian researchers to commemorate the life and work of Giuliano Ruggieri who died in April 2002. With this aim, the 1st MOI was organised in Rimini (12-14 February 2003) “In memory of Giuliano Ruggieri”. There were 32 participants from Italy and Europe and a field trip was organised to Val Marecchia, to sample the Neogene sections studied by Prof. Ruggieri.

After a relatively long pause, the 2nd MOI took place in Rome (20-21 February 2008) with the participation of 18 Italian ostracod workers. The ice was broken and ever since, the GOI (Gruppo degli Ostracodologisti Italiani- Italian Ostracodologists' Group) holds its meetings every year.


9th Meeting degli Ostracodologi Italiani,Trapani (Sicily), 25-26 May 2015.

Fieldtrip: Trapani salt pans

8th Meeting degli Ostracodologi Italiani, Pisa (Tuscany) 3-4 April, 2014.

Fieldtrip: Migliarino San Rossore Massaciuccoli Regional Park and Natural History Museum of Pisa University at Calci Charterhouse


7th Meeting degli Ostracodologi Italiani, Catania (Sicily), 22-24 February , 2013.

Fieldtrip: Capo Milazzo (Messina)


6th Meeting degli Ostracodologi Italiani, Trieste, 20-21 April 2012.

Participants: 23

Oral and Poster communications: 12

Field trip: Parco Naturale del Delta dell’Isonzo


5th Meeting degli Ostracodologi Italiani, Palermo, 10-11 March 2011.

Participants: 12

Oral and Poster communications: 6


4th Meeting degli Ostracodologi Italiani, Napoli, 1-2 March 2010.

Participants: 18

Oral and Poster communications: 15


3rd Meeting degli Ostracodologi Italiani, Parma, 9-10 February 2009.

Participants: 17

Oral and Poster communications: 15


2nd Meeting degli Ostracodologi Italiani, Roma, 20-21 February 2008.

Participants: 18

Oral and Poster communications: 16


1st Meeting degli Ostracodologi ItalianiIn memory of Giuliano Ruggieri”, Rimini, 12-14 February 2003.

Participants: 32

Oral and Poster communications: 26

Field trip: “Ostracodfaune neogeniche della Val Marecchia”

The PROCEEDINGS can be downloaded here!






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