Asian Ostracod Meetings

The fourth Asian Ostracod Meeting was planned to be held in Thailand in the summer of 2020. Due to the pandemic it had to be cancelled. As soon as a new date is fixed, you will find the information here.


Previous Meetings

The third Asian Ostracod Meeting was held in Kanazawa, Japan, between 6 and 10 August 2018, organized by Takahiro Kamiya and his team.  Further information is available at the meeting's website:

The second Asian Ostracodologists' Meeting was hosted in Kunming (China) during June 27–30, 2016 and sponsored by the Yunnan Key Laboratory for Palaeobiology, affiliated to Yunnan University. It was a splendid occasion for the communication and exchange among the ostracodologist community, with about 50 participants coming from more than ten countries.

The Meeting was organized in five scientific sessions and a poster session, each introduced by invited lectures. The 24 presentations concerned all aspects of ostracod research, including taxonomy, biostratigraphy, paleoecology and ecology, shell chemistry. This year the Symposium was particularly focused on new techniques and multy-proxy approaches for ostracod analysis, mainly in relation with the global climatic change.

The Organizing committee, headed by Dayou Zhai, carried out its role impeccably, facilitating the interaction between the participants. There were many opportunities to chat with colleagues and friends! Coffee breaks were frequent and lunches and suppers, with the opportunity to eat the specialties of the Yunnan region, were really pleasant!

After the poster session, the winners amongst the young participants were announced. Ching Wa Richard Cheung (University of Hong Kong) was awarded for the best presentation and Ke Zhang (China University of Geosciences) for the best poster.

An excursion to the Chengjiang Fossil Site Park in Maotianshan Geopark (Yunnan Province) took place during the last day. The introduction and the explanation about the Chengjiang’s fossils, the most complete record of an early Cambrian marine community site, were carried out by Prof. David Siveter (University of Leicester), who worked personally on it.

The field trip continued to Lake Fuxian. Probably because the June heat, many participants enjoyed the possibility to go on boat, causing the surprise of the usual visitors for a such big international group. The farewell dinner at Yunnan University  Hotel  Restaurant was not only an occasion to sum up the conference, but also to find a new location for the next Asian Meeting. Thanks to the proposal of Prof. Takahiro Kamiya, the Symposium in 2018 will take place in Japan.

AOM2 was really good organized and was a great success for participants and marvelous opportunity to share scientific results! It represents a very important source of exchanging information for the specialist, playing always an important role for the mutual comprehension of ostracod research.

Report written by Mauro Alivernini


The first Asian Ostracodologists' Meeting from 23-27 June 2014, at Hanyang University, Seoul Campus, Korea. It was organised by Prof. Ivana Karanovic (Hanyang University), Prof. Cheon Young Chang (Daegu University), and their team. It was a very pleasant gathering and a step forward towards a more intensive collaboration in the region. The attendants have agreed to meet again in China in 2016.




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