Reunião de Ostracodologistas do Brasil

joao villar de queiroz neto wrote on 02.08.2015 at 06:54:

> Dear ostraconers,
> it is a pleasure to inform the Ostracon community of our first Brazilian
> Ostracodologists Reunion. It will take place at the city of Crato (in the
> Araripe bassin), during the 14th Brazilian Paleontology Congress. The
> meeting will happen this Monday, the 3rd August and will have both oral and
> poster presentations. A special talk given by Dr João Carlos Coimbra and a
> field trip on the Santana Formation are about to occur within this Reunion.
> A special publication is also planned so you can expect further information
> about this.
> Our growing group would like to thank the community for the support and
> inspiration.
> Best regards,
> Msc. Joao Villar de Queiroz Neto
> Petrobras


we are excited to read more here in future.

Thank you Rosalie

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