Sylvester-Bradley Award

Since ISO14 (Shizuoka), an award is made for the best student oral presentation. The award was funded by the editors of the 'Stereo-Atlas of Ostracod Shells' and named in honour of Professor Peter Sylvester-Bradley, the founder of the journal.

The first recipient was Gengo Tanaka (then of Shizuoka University). Since then the Sylvester-Bradley Award is provided by IRGO and The Micropalaeontological Society together, honoring the best oral and the best poster presentation by a young researchers. As from ISO18 (Santa Barbara) IRGO also issues an award for the best poster of all.

year ISO  award name title affiliation
2017 Santa Barbara


(young researcher)

Anna Jöst "Deep-sea ostracod diversity and faunal distribution in the sub-polar North Atlantic." Hong-Kong, China


(young researcher)

Yuki Fujihara Yuki Fujihara et al.: "Paleoenvironmental changes in Suwa Bay, Oki Islands, Japan during Holocene recorded by ostracod assemblages" Matsue, Japan


(best of all)

Toshiaki Irizuki Toshiaki Irizuki et al.:" Temporal changes of the southwestern Japanese ostracod faunas with relation to the Miocene formation and development of the Sea of Japan" Matsue, Japan
2013 Rome oral Yuanyuan Hong Hong & Yasuhara: "Shallow marine ecological degradation in Hong Kong: a palaeoecological approach using ostracods”. Hong-Kong, China
    poster Josep Antoni Aguilar-Alberola Aguilar-Alberola & Mesquita-Joanes: "The hatching process in Cyprididae ostracods: morphology and function of the A-9 stage" Barcelona, Spain
2009 Brasil oral Laurent Decrouy  

Geneva, Switzerland

    poster Josep Antoni Aguilar-Alberola   Barcelona, Spain
2005 Berlin oral Shinnosuke Yamada   Shizuoka, Japan
    oral Simone Brandao   Hamburg, Germany
    poster Shimpei Hiruta   Hokkaido, Japan
 2001  Shizuoka  oral Gengo Tanaka   Shizuoka, Japan


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