IRGO Minutes 28 July 2009

Minutes of IRGO Business Meeting held during the 16th International Symposium on Ostracoda, Brasilia, 2009.

 28 July 2009, 18.30hrs.

Professor Koen MARTENS (Chair IRGO), Dr Dermeval DO CARMO (Vice Chair IRGO), Dr Akira TSUKAGOSHI (Treasurer IRGO), Professor Alan LORD (Past Chair IRGO) and 62 delegates present.



The draft Agenda was adopted.



The following colleagues have died since ISO 15 in Berlin, 2005:

Jean BERDAN, Pierre DONZE, Neriman DORUK, Tetsuro HANAI, Roger KAESLER, John NEALE, Zhencheng SUN, Yvette TAMBAREAU, Roseline WEISS, Frederick SWAIN.



Professor Koen MARTENS (Chair IRGO) proposed a vote of thanks to Dr Dermeval DO CARMO and the Organising Committee, especially Drs Ricardo PINTO and Gerson FAUTH, for arranging the 16th ISO in Brasilia.


16th ISO Proceedings

Authors should send their manuscripts as pdf’s to Koen MARTENS  (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) by 30 November 2009, indicating their preference for publication in Hydrobiologia or a more palaeontological journal. At that stage an editorial decision will be made about other journals to be used, e.g. Palaeo3. Submit all manuscripts in Hydrobiologia style, which is easy to modify if necessary. The intention is to publish all manuscripts within one year.


Sylvester-Bradley Awards

Two awards for the best student oral and poster presentation are provided by IRGO and The Micropalaeontological Society in memory of Professor Peter SYLVESTER-BRADLEY. The results will be announced at the Closing Session on 30 July.


Future Meetings

·       Workshop ‘Methods in Ostracodology 2’, Graz, July 2010; organiser Dr Martin GROSS. Participation limited to 20 persons;  further details will be announced on OSTRACON.

·       European Ostracodologists’ Meeting VII (EOM VII), Graz, July 2011; organiser Dr Martin GROSS. Details will be announced on OSTRACON.

·       23rd ROLF 2010, Tunis, 6-8 May 2010; organiser Rakia SAID BENZARTI. Field excursions. Details to be confirmed.

·       German Ostracod Group, Jena, early April 2010; organiser Dr Peter FRENZEL. Details to be confirmed.

·       The Micropalaeontological Society Annual General Meeting 2009, Wednesday 18 November 2009, University College London. Dr Tom CRONIN will be awarded The Brady Medal and Professor Koen MARTENS will give a talk. See TMS website.

·       The Micropalaeontological Society Ostracod Group Spring Meeting, late April/early May 2010, Isle of Skye, Jurassic and Recent marine and non-marine collecting; organisers Dr David J. HORNE and Professor Alan LORD. See TMS website.

·       17th ISO 2013

Presentations were made for:

(1) Breckenridge, Colorado by Drs Elly BROUWERS, Emi ITO and Markham PUCKETT, and

                        (2) Rome by Dr Giampaolo ROSSETTI (with Drs Elsa GLIOZZI and Nevio PUGLIESE).

Delegates present at the meeting voted: Rome 43 and Breckenridge 19.

The 17th ISO will therefore be in Rome in July 2013.


Other IRGO activities

·     Webpage – Professor Michael SCHUDACK is willing to continue the work.

·     ‘Cypris’ – Dr BROUWERS was thanked for her work; a volunteer as Assistant Editor was requested.

·      OSTRACON – the system is becoming out-of-date and it would be useful to be able to attach files to messages. For historical reasons the list-server is based in the University of Houston and IRGO is grateful to the university for this facility.

·      Proposal – it was proposed that an IRGO Communications Officer be appointed who would be responsible for co-ordinating and promoting the webpage, ‘Cypris’ and OSTRACON. Proposal adopted unanimously.


IRGO officers 2009-2013

             Chair: Dr Renate MATZKE-KARASZ.

             Proposed by Dr Jean-Paul COLIN, seconded by Dr Peter FRENZEL.

             Vice Chair: Dr Elsa GLIOZZI (as organiser 17th ISO).

             Secretary: Dr Ricardo PINTO.

             Proposed by Dr Dermeval DO CARMO, seconded by Dr Ian BOOMER.

             Treasurer: Dr Akira TSUKAGOSHI.

Proposed by Dr Isa SCHÖN, seconded by Dr Francesc MEZQUITA and Professor David SIVETER.

                   Communications Officer: Professor SCHUDACK to be consulted on this new  post.

                   Past Chair: Professor Koen MARTENS.


Any Other Business

              There was none.

      The meeting closed at 19.40 hrs.



Sylvester-Bradley Awards were made to:

      Laurent DECROUY (Best Student Oral Presentation)

      Anna BACZEWSKA and Josep AGUILAR-ALBEROLA (jointly Best Student Poster Presentation).


Alan Lord

The minutes were approved by the Business Meeting in Rome (July, 26th, 2013)


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