IRGO Minutes 12 July 1991


In the absence of both the Chairman and the Secretary Dr I.G. Sohn took charge and arranged for the election of a new chairman. He announced that for the period 1991-1994 two people had been nominated (Drs P. De Deckker and R. Kaesler). Both candidates had formally accepted their nomination. The election then duly proceeded, Dr De Deckker being elected.

Dr De Deckker then chaired the remainderof the meeting. Dr van Harten took the minutes.

The Chairman took stock of the possible subjects for an Agenda. From the floor the following items were proposed and seconded:

1. Cypris.

2. Next venues (1994 and 1997).

3. The Palaeozoic Ostracoda Group.

4. Reprints of papers in the Proceedings.


1. Cypris

On behalf of IRGO the Chairman expressed his gratitude to Dr Mervin Kontrovitz and the people of Northeast Louisiana University and USGS for producing yet another issue of Cypris under increasingly difficult conditions.

Dr E. Brouwers offered to act as editor for the next issue.

Dr D.L. Siveter proposed that a certain sum be added to the fee of future symposia to meet the cost of Cypris. The proposal was not further discussed at this stage, it being decided instead that the Chairman would first try and find an individual sponsor for the Newsletter.


2. Next venues

For the 1994 symposium there were offers for London (submitted in writing and communicated by Dr A.R. Lord), Montpellier (proposed by Prof. R.A. Reyment), and Prague (proposed by Drs. J. Riha and J. Zelenka). Seventeen members voted for the London proposal, fourteen for Montpellier, and twenty-one for Prague, so it was decided that the latter city be the location for the 12th International Symposium on Ostracoda.

A preliminary tender was made by Prof. Wang Pinxian offering China for the 1997 meeting.


3. Palaeozoic Ostracoda Group

On behalf of the International Research Group on Palaeozoic Ostracoda Dr Siveter reported that in the meeting of that group Drs R.E.L. Schallreuter and I. Hinz were elected Chairman and Secretary, respectively.


4. Reprints from the Proceedings

Several members expressed a wish that reprints be made available of papers in the Symposium Proceedings. Dr K.G. McKenzie gave an undertaking to contact Balkema Publishers to this effect.

The meeting was then closed.

Dick van Harten.

(Thanks to Dick van Harten for providing these minutes from IRGO archives)


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